About Sean

Born in Baton Rouge and raised outside Fort Lauderdale, Sean was drawn to Chicago's famous winters and overrated pizza. At work he's had the privilege of building great products and teams. Outside of work, Sean and his wife live in Logan Square with a dog and three chickens. Most days he's pleased as punch to train for his next marathon or take a nap.

Hi! I’m Sean Wolter. I’ve been a software leader for about 10 years. I've been writing software as an amateur since 1990. I started writing Objective-C when Mac OS X Public Beta came out in 2000. After college I worked in sales, support, and consulting. It wasn’t until the iPhone SDK arrived that I could find people to pay for Objective-C. Around 2009 I got serious about software. I also finished a master’s degree somewhere along the way.

As an iOS dev I was alright. I joined Vokal, a digital agency, at the right time and grew with the company. Vokal was a rapidly growing company. I was value-aligned with leadership and trusted to do what I felt was most valuable. Since then I've worked at Belly, SpotHero, ActiveCampaign, and Amount building effective, engaged, and inclusive software development teams. I'm currently the head of engineering at Adoreal.